Basic cooking method


Basic cooking method



Peel or scrub the potatoes

  • Scrub the potatoes. Peel the potatoes if they are not suitable for scrubbing.
  • Cut the potatoes into equal parts and rinse these with cold water

Heat a pan of water

  • Be sure to use a large pan to prevent the water from boiling over or spilling
  • Fill the pan with water and add a bit of salt to taste
  • How much water depends upon the size of the pan and how many potatoes you want to boil: the potatoes should be almost completely submerged

Put the potatoes into the pan

  • Put the potatoes into the pan of water
  • Increase the heat and bring the water to a boil
  • Do not lower the heat until the water is boiling
  • It will take approx. 15 to 20 minutes for the potatoes to cook. You can check whether the potatoes are done by pricking them with a fork. The potatoes are ready if they are easily pricked and slide off the fork.

Drain the potatoes

  • Remove the pan from the heat source and drain off the liquid – use a colander if desired
  • Gently shake the potatoes back and forth in the pan and allow the steam to escape before serving


Would you prefer that the potatoes need less time to cook? Simply cut the potatoes into smaller chunks.


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Can also be made with…

Whether you opt for a creamy (or mealy) potato, or a waxy potato is simply a matter of taste. Creamy potatoes, such as Eigenheimer, Frieslanders and Doré, have a less compact structure and will fall apart more easily when boiling. The outer layer of these potatoes cooks more quickly than the inside. Would you prefer the potatoes hold their shape as they boil, then opt for firm texture, waxy potatoes, such as Nicola, Bildtstar, Charlotte and Roseval

Tip! Portion size

We recommend a portion size of approx. 200 grams per person.

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