The potato is very versatile! From traditional Dutch cooking to the wide variety of dishes from cuisines around the world: there are many ways to prepare potatoes as part of a delicious meal. It all starts with the basic cooking method: there are various ways to prepare potatoes. You will learn the basic method for preparing potatoes with our easy instructions. Go to the cooking method of your choice by clicking on one of the buttons below.


We are traditionally accustomed to peeling potatoes, but it is often NOT necessary to peel them!

  • The peel contains lots of vitamins: it is healthier to consume potatoes with the peel
  • A potato with the peel has much more flavour
  • Naturally, not having to peel the potatoes saves time: you can serve your dish more quickly

Scrubbing potatoes, provided that the potato variety is suitable for that purpose *, is the better option! You can scrub potatoes under a running tap with a coarse hard brush, for example. Or you can use a handy scrub glove. Simply scrub off the outer layer of the potato in this way and it is ready for use!

* Young potatoes and very smooth potatoes with a lovely even skin in particular are perfect for scrubbing. Does the skin appear to be older or tougher, or does it have imperfections or pits? Then it may be better to peel the potatoes. - Srubben is het nieuwe schillen!